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All the single Daddies….

Where are you hiding? We are a new start-up company called ‘One Parent Holidays Ireland’ and one of the most common questions we get from single Moms is ‘have you heard from any single fathers?’ We are not in the match-making business but it is a fair question. On our last trip to Trabolgan Holiday Village… 

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Claudia Winkleman Dahlicious Dress Up Day

Get crafty with the kids this summer and enter the Marvellous Costume Make

Every year hundreds of children take part in the Dahlicious Dress Up Day. Top hats and green wigs are hastily found so that your children can be the best Willy Wonkas and Oompa-Loompas in their class. We don’t want that to be an arduous task the night before but rather a fun filled activity for… 

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Food lovers - Desmond Smith and his sons Felix and Oliver

Fathers Twice As Likely to Take Time Off Work Over The Summer Holidays Vs a Generation Ago

This year’s summer holidays are dubbed the ‘Daddydays’ by Brits as Sainsbury’s latest research shows that today’s children are twice as likely to be looked after by their dads over the summer holidays compared to children of the sixties. Baking beats football as the top activity dads are most likely to entertain their kids with during the… 

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Round Up 2

LoveAllDads Round Up by @DadWhoBlogs

Hi everybody! Its me DWB and I’m back with my WORLD famous* LoveAllDads round up! It goes without saying you should check out the current LoveAlldads featured bloggers! Check em out! daddycamo, thedadventurer.com, disillusioneddad.com, fatherhoodstories.com and last but of course not least Lplatesdad. So what other delights do I have for you? First up is TheIdad. Ever wondered what your options were when you child has a… 

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The Day My Kids Made Me Lose My Mind C/O @ParentalShift

This is not a “my kids did something ridiculous and I flipped out, then shouted some expletives in my head and we all had a laugh in the end” story. This story is about an incident that occurred that my kids only had an indirect cause in; it was their mere existence that made me… 

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Why Am I So Scared?

I have a daughter who is 6 and a little boy who is 2.  When my wife first became pregnant, I secretly wished it was a boy because I was terrified of how to raise a little girl.  How would I feel about her growing up? How would I cope when she first started going… 

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You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Countryside…

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend in London. Some friends were away and kindly let us borrow their flat. We have taken Anna a few times but not recently enough for her to really remember it. We had told her all about the things we might do whilst we were there. Going… 

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10 Tips For Surviving The Chaos Of Your First School Fete

‘All toys are 20p’ the nice old lady told High Command as I looked on gobsmacked at the chaos of 300 kids/parents/grandparents/pet goldfish in the melee of what I can only describe as a moshpit…. ‘ We recently went to visit an old school friend of mine and part of the itenary was to visit… 

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